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Professional Landscaping Service in Raleigh, Wake Forest, & Cary

Keeping your yard in pristine condition can be time-consuming and troublesome. Leave your yard maintenance to the professionals at Season to Season Landscaping and let us handle the hard work for you. Our team of licensed and experienced landscapers understands what it takes to see a project through from beginning to end and have the knowledge it takes to turn your dream landscape ideas into reality!

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Providing Landscaping Design and Installation

We provide services to help you develop a space that is customized to fit your landscape wants and needs. Our offerings include:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Hardscapes & Patios
  • Ponds & Fountains
  • Landscape Design and Planning
  • Landscape Lighting and Lawn Irrigation
  • Flower, Tree, and Shrubbery Planting
  • And much, much more!
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Let Us Map Out Your Lush Landscape:

Raleigh/Durham’s amazing climate makes it a very conducive place for landscaping. Not only can your yard be lush and green, but we can also help you plan out your flower beds, hedges, and other plants to make your yard into a masterpiece.

Landscaping can also help you improve your home’s curb appeal, by adding interesting features like retaining walls and mulched flower beds will change the entire dynamic of the appearance of your home. Landscaping in Raleigh is a little different than other parts of the country due to our amazing weather almost all year round.

When landscaping your yard, you can use a variety of materials and natural products to make your lawn look plush and green. Landscapers in Raleigh/Durham can help you choose the best type for your yard’s soil composition.

Landscaping can also mean many things.

  • Landscape Design: Landscape Design is when our designers come to your home and create a lush landscape outline featuring any number of elements our clients may request. Our clients can even request certain plants and flowers based on their design taste, scent preferences, and even plants that attract certain pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Landscape Maintenance: Landscape Maintenance is our upkeep service. Our lawn care experts will create the perfect solution for the care of your yard and make sure it maintains its lush green look throughout the year. Landscaping maintenance starts by aerating the soil to allow oxygen and nutrients to flow through, keeping your grass healthy. From there, depending on the type of grass, yard angle, and other determining factors (sun/shade/seasonality), we will create the perfect plan.
  • Ponds & Fountains: Landscaping can also mean ponds and fountains. Our hardscape designers will help you create an entire layout for your pond or fountain that will provide the perfect atmosphere around your home. Koi ponds are an amazing way to create a serene space for all to enjoy.
  • Landscape Construction: Landscape Construction is where we take gravel, sand, and dirt and lay it down so we can start to fill the landscaped area with plants and stones, and other elements that will make your yard feel like a natural, relaxing oasis. Landscape construction is the first step to landscaping before planting begins.
  • Retaining Walls & Hardscapes: Retaining walls allow us to create flat surfaces for landscape design elements above or below ground level. Landscapers use retaining walls to create easy access from one area to another. In many instances in Raleigh, NC, and The Triangle, newly developed homes, in some cases, have steep banks in the back yard. These steeper banks can severely limit useable space. By building a retaining wall we can create more useable space in your backyard, while also creating an area for raised flower beds. The best function for this is our ability to use french drains to move rainwater runoff away from your home.
  • Patios: Landscaping can also mean patios. Our patio installation team will build a patio to your exact specified dimensions for an outdoor dining or entertaining space. There are so many textures and stone types that can instantly transform your home. Outdoor living is a must in North Carolina, and a professionally installed patio is a must!

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