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Custom Fire Pits:

Custom fire pits are a great way to extend your time outdoors and enjoy nature. As the North Carolina weather breaks, families love to gather around a fire. As a custom landscape and hardscape company, one of the most common requests for our clients is to add a custom fire pit to a new patio. We can even add a custom fire pit to an existing patio or hardscape as well. Some clients want to maintain a rustic feel to their outdoor space. We have many options that include a rustic gravel pathway to your fire pit area. No matter your style choice, it’s important to talk to a professional landscape and hardscape company about the best and safest fit for your new custom fire pit.

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Fire Pits & Safety Protocols

While there are a plethora of metal fire pits at big-box stores, many of them aren’t as safe as a custom stone fire pit. North Carolina is no stranger to Burn Bans. Burn Bans are issued by the North Carolina forest service when underbrush and foliage are too dry. While a custom fire pit isn’t operable during a burn ban, a burn ban doesn’t need to be issued for a small backyard campfire to turn into a problem.

Our Custom Fire Pits Follow All Safety Protocols:

Having a custom fire pit by Season to Season Landscaping allows us to follow the safest protocols. A custom fire pit will also give you a heartier and heavier construction which will, in turn, be infinitely safer than a cheap metal pit. Our hardscape artists will create a nice barrier to your new pit perfect for chairs and tables. This custom barrier (either brick or stone) will also act as a fire barrier between your new fire pit and your yard.

Custom Fire Pits Raleigh, NC

Custom Fire Pit Features Accents that can match your home exterior or interior style.

A custom fire pit should be treated as an extension of your home. Our custom hardscape designers will take your home decore (interior and exterior) to help tie your outdoor living area with the features of your home. Residents of Raleigh and subdivisions in surrounding areas have a varying array of design elements to their homes and neighborhoods.

We want to make your outdoor space a seamless extension of your home. This makes the transition from the inside of your home to your custom fire pit a visually pleasing experience for you, your friends, and your family. We offer free estimates on all landscape and hardscape services. Call or email us today for your free estimate!

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