Benefits of Mulch in Your Gardens
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5 Benefits of Mulch in Your Garden

Do you mulch your flowerbeds and garden? Mulch is a material that adds beneficial organic matter to the soil. It can be made of many different materials, but the most common are bark mulches in a variety of colors. A mulched flower bed or garden will look neat and tidy while also improving its performance as it reduces weed growth and improves water retention. In this article, we will provide 5 Benefits of Using Mulch in your Garden.

Garden with Mulch in Raleigh, NC

Keeping in Valuable Moisture:

Mulch Helps Your Garden Retain Water: Mulch protects the soil and helps to retain moisture. This will help your plants in times of drought as there will be more water available for them to drink. Mulch also insulates the ground, which results in less evaporation from the surface of the mulched area.

  • Raleigh, NC, and surrounding areas are known for their scorching summer months. Gardens that aren’t protected with an insulated layer of mulch can quickly dehydrate.


Plant with Frost on It

Mulch Helps Your Roots Retain Heat:

Mulch Helps Your Garden Retain Heat: Heat is essential to plants, and mulch helps keep the ground warm. This will make your flowerbeds or garden a more inviting place for pollinators and other insects that are crucial in plant reproduction.

  • Even if temperatures are extremely high, we do have some nights in late spring/early summer that can get quite cold. Mulch keeps your plant roots warm during colder nights!
Mulch aids soil quality

Mulch Helps Protect Your Garden's Soil Quality:

A mulched bed means less soil disturbance. Soil quality is essential for the health and well-being of your plants. By enhancing soil biological qualities, your plants will require less work and maintain their health for longer periods of time.

Invasive Weeds

Mulch Helps Control Invasive Weeds:

Mulch helps to control the growth of invasive weeds. This will help save you time in manual weed pulling. The reduction of weeds and invasive plants will prolong the health of your soil and your plants.

  • All plant life in your garden is competing for necessary nutrients and sunlight. Each and every plant you have planted has a recommended distance between the next, spacing is essential for a healthy garden. Weeds disrupt the spacing and can actually suffocate the plant life around them.
Flower Garden

Mulch Prevents Soil Erosion:

Soil erosion can lead to many problems in your garden. Mulch will help prevent this from happening by protecting the soil and allowing it to stay in place.

  • A large part of controlling soil quality is making sure that your nutrient-dense soil stays where it’s supposed to. Much will quell many aspects of soil erosion.

Mulch Delivery & Installation:

Many people think that hiring a company for mulch installation can be costly. Traditionally, much varies in cost, and depending on your budget, you may elect to install your mulch yourself. There are risks to over-mulching your garden. Not only can over-mulching become costly, but you can also deprive your garden of essential moisture.

We make it simple. Simply call us and we’ll deliver and install your mulch perfectly.  Your garden will be masterfully maintained and your flowers and plants will be protected from the harsh NC summer heat. We serve Raleigh, NC, and surrounding areas.

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